Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

Teddy, a Laughing Jumeau by Candy Anderson and
Isabelle, a 6/0 by Suzanne McBrayer
It is the weekend before Thanksgiving and, because there are so many to clothe, we have begun Christmas preparations.

Here you will see Teddy and Isabelle with their little wagon of Christmas goodies. Teddy is wearing LSDS 1910 #15 and Isabelle is wearing LSDS 1908 #26. I think they look very Edwardian.

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  1. Dear Teddy and Isabelle. Oh I just found out you have a blog! How very lovely! I just love it. Your Maman is an expert seamstress. I do so adore your new Christmas clothes! Love from Yvette Marie.