Bleuette Siblings

Reproduction Bambino by Katha Engblom
Bambino - The Sweet Baby Brother to Bleuette is sure to steal your heart!

Originally manufactured in Germany by Armand Marseille as mold number 351, SFBJ produced the identical baby doll as Bambino, the little brother of Bleuette.  He made is first appearance in the October 25, 1928 issue of La Semaine de Suzette.  If you love baby dolls you will adore Bambino.  He was the most popular after Bleuette.  None of her family reached the height of admiration garnered by Bleuette.  Bambino has an extensive wardrobe and he appears in the Gautier Languereau catalogues with his sisters.  At times Bambino and Bleuette wore matching outfits.  This chubby cheek baby has molded hair that is lightly painted on his domed head.  He had sleep eyes with painted upper and lower eyelashes.

Rosette, Bleuette's big sister!

This Bleuette sibling was first introduced in 1956 in the French magazine Semaine de Suzette. She is 14" (35cm) with sleep eyes, pierced ears, open mouth with carved-in teeth. Head circumference is 8",Eye size: 16mm.