Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Special Day for the Hitty's by Becassine

Beginning of the Kitchen Project
Today was a very special day because new furniture arrived. The Hitty's have been waiting patiently since they got their first room, just before Christmas, to have a bedroom and kitchen. When I, Becassine, came to live here a few weeks ago, I pretty much demanded that they hurry and finish up the kitchen and appliances that have been sitting around since early May. The appliances, all vintage from the 1920's, were dirty or rusty(or both) with peeling paint but the price was certainly reasonable so we knew there would be some work involved. Fortunately, we were able to get them sand blasted so our job was made considerably easier than first anticipated. 
All Pieces were Sand Blasted
Still, it took a while to get them painted properly. They first needed to be primed since the cast iron was completly with out paint. Then several coats of white paint were sprayed on and each coat was allowed to day overnight. Finally, a glossy appliance paint was sprayed on and allowed to dry overnight as well.
Here are the Before and After photos of the stove and sink.  What a difference! The stove is not quite finished so there is no before and after yet but you will see it in the finished kitchen picture below.
Yesterday the wonderful furniture arrived from Roy Bubbenmoyer(each piece perfectly scaled for Hitty) in PA and everyone was so excited, especially me. I quietly pointed to the exact spot each piece should be placed and in no time at all everything was in it's place and I nodded my approval of the new kitchen.
Almost Finished Project
 There is still work to be done. The baseboard trim and chair rail needs to be finished and one more piece of furniture from PA...........A Pie Safe! I will be very busy baking pies. Yummy!

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