Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lot's going on at Bleu Manor and all the girls are so excited. There are also a few new girls who need to be introduced but first Marielle wants to show off her pretty Easter Ensemble. Made by the very talented Arlene Hayes from a lovely piece of lawn with an organdy collar is LSDS 1919 #24. The hat was also made by Arlene and the wonderful matching shoes were made by Fran Quinn.
Zoe, one of the new arrivals, a Smiling Jumeau by Damaris Alves, went to visit the Easter Bunny and was given a wonderful Easter basket. She couldn't help but gloat a bit and now the other girls are pouting. Hurry here Easter Bunny!
Aimée, a reproduction Premieré by Fran Quinn,  is getting ready for Easter by making colored eggs and little Bunny is helping. What colorful eggs they have.

Last, but far from least, is our little Dutch girl. A reproduction 60 8/0 by Madelyn Baughman, she is the sweetest little girl and everyone loves her. Here you see her in a traditional Dutch ensemble complete with hand painted wooden shoes.

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  1. Andrea, your pictures are lovely. I've missed your posts. I love the little dutch girl! She is darling.