Saturday, December 18, 2010

Home for the Holidays


A week from today is Christmas and there is a frenzy of preparations at Bleu Manor.  Georgette sets up the Nativity while Camille puts the finishing touches on the tree.  Everyone has been so upset with me because when I was working on the Hitty Cottage, I took the Fireplace from Bleu Manor and used it in the Cottage.  For Hitty it makes one of the huge fireplaces often seen in the kitchens of Early American Homes. Anyway, I promptly ordered another fireplace but it took more than two weeks to get here so the Bleu Manor Parlor and all of the residents have been in a state of confusion and panic except for Suzette that is. She only worries about what she will wear and she does look very pretty in her Christmas plaid Robe de Masion.

The new Chef at Bleu Manor has the kitchen under control and the oven going 24/7.  The aroma of fresh baked cookies, cakes and pies wafts through the house.

 Etienne, who usually rules supreme in the kitchen actually left him in charge and she, looking tres chic, found time to do some last minute shopping.
Sylvie, already in trouble for wearing Suzette's fur trimmed red boots without permission, stops by the kitchen and sneaks a cookie but Chef pretends not to notice.  Happy little Sylvie is his favorite.


  1. Bleu Manor looks wonderful! Oh the joy of a full time chef! I am glad you will be getting another fireplace. Hugs from ThierrySucette

  2. How darling. I love the last photo.