Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is it Christmas yet...........................?

 The Twins, Dori and Dior, can't wait until Christmas so they spend a big part of each day gathered around the tree shaking presents and trying to guess what's in them or asking, "Is it Christmas yet?".
 Suzette, always the Fashionista, looks very lovely indeed in her wine colored silk dress trimmed with vintage lace. This is the gift we made for our BSC exchange partner. Suzette really didn't want to let it go and she certainly looks pretty in it but I finally convinced her that I would make her something even prettier if she would just take it off and let me mail it. LOL! Now you know she won't let me forget that.


  1. Oh you all look so beautiful in your holiday dresses! Hugs from ThierrySucette

  2. What a beautiful dress. You need to make another!